Sale – Linen Tote Bag
Sale – Linen Tote Bag
Sale – Linen Tote Bag

Sale – Linen Tote Bag

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This item is discontinued and in perfect condition. 

Che Sara linen tote bags are designed with simplicity and quality linen to make you feel like you’re using something a little special. They’re made to store your precious belongings with minimal fuss.

When we think of an Italian summer, we think linen. They’re available in blue and white and are also fully lined with 100% linen. Not only does the tote have a comfortable shoulder strap, but it also includes a hand strap for when you want to carry those heavier items. There's also a handy pocket inside for your small belongings.

Being 100% linen, you can still machine wash it at a moderate temperature and with a small amount of detergent. Refrain from washing the linen at a very hot temperature, as this might cause the bag to shrink. Flatten it out whilst damp to preserve its shape. 

As each bag is handmade in Melbourne, there will be slight variations between one bag to another.


100% Linen

Blue with white lining
White with white lining
Blue with blue lining

340x420mm (not including handle)

All sale orders are final. No refunds or exchanges.