Sale – Seconds Candles
Sale – Seconds Candles
Sale – Seconds Candles

Sale – Seconds Candles

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These candles are 100% functional, however they have some slight visual faults in the wax.

The wax may be discoloured (yellow or white) or it may have an uneven surface. These are sometimes caused in the pouring process, or by hot temperatures while in storage.

Some have wax that has come away from the sides of the glass, this is caused by cold temperatures and results in the wax separating. 

All candles are 100% safe and burn as normal. They are just not as pretty as they should be. Once candles have been burnt for the first time, the imperfections won't be noticeable.

Some of our seconds candles will be packaged in a kraft paper box.

Handmade in Melbourne.

Photos will show some examples of the imperfections. We can't photograph each candle individually, so each imperfection will vary.

All sale orders are final. No refunds or exchanges.